Thursday, May 19, 2005

End of the road.

Well when I went to pick my husband from work at 5:30 pm on Wednesday the 18th,on the Mississippi River,I heard a man yelling "hello? anybody up there have a phone?" and I look back and there is a man on a bike with two dogs coming up to me and he says "i just got off of work and I came to have a beer with the (homeless) guy who lives at the end of the road"and he proceeded to tell me that he thought the man was dead,and that he knows when the man drank that he ran his mouth and thought maybe someone had killed him.So i get in the car and drive down to the end of the road,there I see a tent,bike,a dog and a man laying on the ground on some rocks.I stop and get out of the car and call to the man not knowing if he was passed out,knocked out or dead,I look through the trees to the man on the ground and call out to answer....I stand there and try to see if his chest is moving...its not.I notice his back is kind of arched,there are flies in his mouth and all over him,there was no movement,no bruises,no blood,and his face didnt really look real more like rubber,I figure he had died that day.I went back up to the dock and got a few guys that knew of the guy to go down there with me and told them the man was dead and they figured he was passed out drunk,but they checked it out and agreed he was dead.When I was pulling away to go call the cops I look behind me and there is a cop car turning into the road.I was like WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT??????? WHEN DO U FIND A COP WHEN U NEED ONE??????? NEVER!!!!! So i jump out of the car and wave them down in front of thier car and told them the guy was dead,they asked if he was in the tent i said no hes layin over by the trees on some rocks and after that the end of the road was packed with cops and the EMT.I figure he may have been homeless,.by choice at that,but he was a person and probably if i hadnt went down there,no one would of known he was laying there.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Thank god tomorrows a school day

Well what kind of fun things can I say about today....Yeah right
Anyway I feel like I have pulled every muscle in my body and that's always fun...NOT.Yesterday I fell down and hurt my arm kids got me lost on highway 270,I was tryin to get to 255 and then to 55/70 and they were fighting in the back seat and the 3 yr old was spitting and the 8 yr old was yelling after a day of pretty much the same thing all day at home,once again they listen to nothing I say sisters still in the hospital know what's wrong with her yet on a totally different note I got laid tonight LOL.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Well once again the kids r tryin to make me nuts and its only Saturday,and summer vacation is coming...WHY??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said b4 I love them to death but a person can only take so much r good kids but they don't listen to me at Allah I started remembering from my oldest son 2 wasn't nuthin 3 sux All I did was clean house,bathe kids and the dog,and be bored guess that's all 4 today nite and now there is a strange vehicle stopped in front of my driveway,a van.bye